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How can I submit my spa to

You just have to click on the link “Submit your Spa“.

A spa listing at will help you to promote your business and services, you will get new customers.
For only USD 10 you receive a Deluxe Listing Plan with a featured listing of your spa on the top section of the pages.
We suggest you to choose a deluxe listing to promot your spa optimal.

Step by step guide, how to list your spa:

1.)  Register:
First you have to register at at:
It is free or charge.
A confirmation mail will send to your e-Mail.

2.) After register,
klick on “Submit your spa” on the top side of the page “or add your busines now” on the left side of the page.

3.)Select your listing plan
The “Basic Listing” is free of charge.  If you want a featured listing (higher position, marked as featured) you can choose the “Deluxe Listing” The “deluxe listing” will cost you only USD 10.  And you can pay after submission online by PayPal (Credit Card).
On the Basic Listing you have more option to add for a small surcharge featured position on our website for a certain amount of weeks.

4.) Fill in the form:
a) First field:  The name of the Spa
b) then fill in in the second field: Address of the spa, with Street, No,  City, Region, Country.  Klick on the “Find on Map” button.
Google Maps will locate it.  You can adjust the location by mooving the locator with the mouse.
c) Choose one category (e.g. Bali, Europe, …. )
d) Fill in contact information. Telephone, If you have facebook, twitter account, you can fill in. But it is optional.
The e-mail is allready in, because at the registration you use it.
e) choose some pictures of the spa, by searching your computer and picture library.
f) important,write a full description of your spa, inclusive facillities, services, maybe treatments, etc…
g) in the fiel “Tags” you can write some keywords, that will help to find your spa in the search odus.  Like: City, Your Spa-Name, Region, etc.
That´s it.
h) don´t forget to click on the “Next Spep” button !
Fter you click on “Next Step”

5.) Summary.  If you have choose the “Basic Listing” it will show that this submit is for free ( 0 USD)
If you choos the “Deluxe Listing” it will show you now the summery of your advertising cost.

6.) Finish the your spa submission with  “Continue to Listing”.
Or, if you have choose the deluxe plan or some featured option it will take you to a PayPal account where you pay your featured listing (advertising) at

7.) Aproove.  After we have proove your listing (This coult take up to 48 hours) your spa listing will be online and will be shown at at your choosen Region and Category.

That´s it !!!


Benefits of a listing at our website:

There are a number of benefits of listing your spa business in our spa-listing directory, the benefits are listed below:

  • Free listing option
    Choose our “Basic Listing”, this is free of charge !
  • You get your own small webpage at
    With the listing of your spa business you get a mini site of your spa with pictures, description, full contact details, link to your website, Google Map location, customer review section, and more…
  • Best online promotion
    With thousend searches done every month on, being included in our Spa-Listing Directory is the quickest way to boost your exposure and bring customers in your door.
  • Increased publicity
    Listing your business in our directory results in a good amount of publicity. From people visiting the Spa-Listing website,  from the directorie themselves or via search engines. This is an excellent form of marketing and of spreading information about your spa business.
  • SEO / Search Engine Optimized listing with link to your website.  It will help you to rank your website higher than others. Link popularity refers to the number, quality and relevance of inbound links from other websites to yours which is an important variable in determining search engine rankings.
  • Found by search engines
    Placing your business in a business directory allows you to be easily found by search engines and by people searching for information online. Search engines are used by many people in looking for information online.
  • Unlimited customer leads
    On average, a listing on generates over 100 customer leads each and every month. It will be better traffic for your website and interested user for your business.
  • Unlimited upgrades
    When we add new features to your subscription type,  you get them free!
  • You afford the ability to target your demographic
    One of the most important functions of our spa web directories is the ability to offer visitors links that are categorized according to geographical region or interest. The key to any marketing campaign is to target the product or service with the demographic that is the most likely consumers of the product or service. Our spa web directory allow visitors to drill down to the services they want according to a number of factors which include location or products offered. This allows the spa business the opportunity to target the customers who are more likely to book the service wich is offered.
  • Gaining the edge over competition
    So as to surpass your competitors, you can make use of our spa directoriy to increase exposure on your spa business and its services. As a result of this you can easily increase your profit.
  • Customer reviews
    Customers can easily give feedback of your spa and services on our website. You can use features on your website directory such as online review surveys to find out what customers feel about certain aspects of your spa. Good reviews are the best promotion, and convince new customers.  Also you can improve your business and services. (This is all for free)
  • Customer support
    When you have problems with your listing we support you by mail.
  • Deluxe listing option
    For only small money you will be featured on  – Search results are sorted by type and will appear before free listings. (We recommend this option for the best marketing and promotion result and to boost your spa business).


Click here to submit your spa and wellness business for free




08/02/2016 |

Massage Therapy: More than Just Relaxation


More than just being a stress and pain reliever, massage therapy has a lot more benefits to offer that actually contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Though not known to many, massage therapy lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, facilitates faster recovery from injury and healing and even improves posture. Not only that, it also enhances attentiveness and flexibility in an individual. Certainly, these are things that lie beyond the relaxation it is known for. This is perhaps why massage therapy as an industry has become so big nowadays.

Through constant application of pressure, massage therapy relaxes blood vessels and decreases systolic and diastolic blood pressure, decreases the level of cortisol or stress hormones and prevents anxiety and depression. These reduce the threat of heart attack and create a clear mind and body making the individual more dynamic and active. Massage also helps relax the muscles itself, allowing people to become more energized. This is the reason why people are so much into massage therapy. It rejuvenates the body from all the stress that we encounter everyday.

Since massage decreases one’s stress levels, it also lessens the possibility of an individual’s vulnerability to pathogens by increasing the body’s cytotoxic capacity. When the number of active natural killer cells increases, our body’s line of defense becomes stronger and more stable and becomes more effective in shielding us from illnesses.

Faster recovery from injury is another benefit of massage therapy because it relaxes the muscles and improves circulation of important body fluids making it easier for the body to deliver nutrients to vital organs and other parts of the body. It also initiates pain management when the injured part is undergoing treatment since it activates the parasympathetic nervous system causing the production of endorphins which are natural pain killers thus speeding up the healing process.

Other than these good effects, massage therapy can correct bad posture which causes pain and stress in muscles that can lead to the body’s breakdown. It eases the tension in worn out muscles, soothes pressure points and increases the flexibility in joints by stimulating the production of body fluids and lubricants, so as to allow the body to position itself in a painless way. Thus, the individual can move freely and carry out daily tasks without hassle.

As shown in electroencephalogram (EEG) patterns, regular massage can also improve a person’s mathematical ability due to increased attentiveness because of the elimination of stress. The absence of stress imposes less pressure on an individual resulting to a more concentrated and focused mind, free of worries and distracting thoughts.

Massage therapy may be considered as a simple recreational activity however it does more than just restoring one’s vitality because it lessens or even eliminates the dangers imposed on a person’s health. It also helps an individual loosen up because it releases unwanted energy and leaves the person with a renewed outlook and refreshed senses.

Study even shows that HIV patients who have regular massage therapy sessions notice an improvement in their condition. This proves that massage therapy is not a waste of time rather it is an individual’s key to having a sound mind and body.



Massage Therapy: More than Just Relaxation


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